Installation Requirements for Dutch-Haus® MRP® Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Before You Begin – Important Information!
It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you read and understand this information completely prior to starting, since improper installation can void the warranties.

Dutch-Haus® MRP® Wide Plank Flooring is a versatile CARB II compliant engineered hardwood product. Flooring professionals and experienced DIY crafters can enjoy the smooth and easy installation on any level subfloor, suitable for all these applications and finishes:

  • On Grade
  • Above Grade
  • Below Grade
  • Plywood Subfloor
  • Concrete Subfloor
  • Dyes
  • Stains
  • Oils
  • Waxes
  • Polyurethane
  • Water-based Lacquers

Subfloor Preparation and Recommendations for All Installations

Over the years, we have tested hundreds of products and created a list of our preferred and approved supplemental products to be used with our Dutch-Haus® floors. The listed below primers, adhesives and sound underlayments are guaranteed to deliver impeccable results. All products are produced in Europe by top German companies and guaranteed to outperform any similar products currently on the market. Use of approved products as well closely following the installation guidelines is crucial to achieve successful results.  All the products listed below are available for purchase directly from our company.  In most cases, the supplemental product will be shipped together with your flooring order. Please contact us directly for more details.



Surface Strengthener / Moisture Vapor Retarder

1-component surface strengthener and moisture vapor retarder. Its fast-drying polyurethane formula acts as a surface strengthener and consolidator on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.

Suitable for/on/as

  • A substrate surface strengthener prior to the application of UZIN® PE 280 Primer
  • Use over gypsum concrete, concrete, plywood, OSB, well-bonded adhesive residues including water-soluble adhesives and non-porous surfaces
  • A moisture vapor retarder on existing concrete up to 95% RH and 7 lb. MVER
  • Radiant floor heating systems (not for moisture mitigation)


  • Fast drying – quicker installations
  • Single component – ready to use
  • Low viscosity – excellent surface penetration
  • Alkali resistant – meets ASTM D1308
  • Water and solvent free – meets strict EMICODE EC 1 R PLUS criteria (healthy indoor air quality and very low emission)


Primer / Moisture Barrier Retarder

This is a 1-component polyurethane fast-dry primer for flooring installations using reaction resin adhesives. This product acts as a primer/surface strengthener on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces and as a moisture vapor retarder on moisture resistant substrates with an MVER of up to 7 lbs. (ASTM F1869-11) or 90% RH (ASTM F2170-11).

A 2-coat application is required as a moisture vapor retarder (no leveling). A 3-coat application is required as a moisture vapor retarder (with leveling). It is suitable for most residential and commercial applications.

Suitable for/as

  • A fast dry primer for glue down wood floor installations
  • Strengthening of absorbent substrates such as gypsum concrete or porous concrete
  • Moisture vapor retarder up to 7 lbs MVER or 90% RH
  • Residential and commercial installations
  • Concrete, gypsum concrete and OSB
  • Radiant heat systems

Features & Benefits

  • Single component – Ready to use, no mixing
  • Fast drying – Time-saving glue-down wood floor installations on absorbent substrates
  • Strengthens gypsum concrete substrates – Excellent for priming over radiant heat floor systems embedded in gypsum concrete
  • Low viscosity – Easy roller or trowel application and excellent surface penetration
  • Moisture-cured, modified polyurethane pre-polymers – Very rapid hardening and excellent surface penetration
  • Water-free, solvent-free – Very fast drying
  • Meets EMICODE EC 1 R – Very low emission

UZIN® PE 630

2-Component Trowel-Applied Primer

This is a very rapid-drying 2-component dispersion/cement primer with paste consistency and “semi-flexible” properties for substrates needing refurbishment or wooden floorboards.

  • Dries very fast
  • Highly malleable due to “semi-flexible” properties
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate

Suitable for/on

  • Critical existing substrates
  • Dense or less absorbent substrates
  • Old or unsanded mastic asphalt
  • Magnesia and Stonewood screeds
  • Rough sanded wooden floorboards, wood flooring or other jointed wooden substrates
  • Matt sanded coatings
    • Warm water underfloor heating
    • Exposure to castor wheels in accordance with DIN EN 12 529- Heavy wear in residential, commercial, and industrial areas


  • Fills, seals, and smooths in one application
  • Hydraulically setting
  • Application thickness up to 1 mm
  • Flexible and ductile after setting


UZIN® MK 200

1-Component STP Wood Flooring Adhesive

This is a hard elastic adhesive for wood flooring with tongue and groove.

  • High filling strength and long working time supports secure wood flooring installation
  • Wood flooring can be sanded and finished already after 24 hours
  • Tubes, especially for applications with UZIN® ATD 100

Main area of application

  • Multi-ply wood flooring

Extended area of application

  • Wood block flooring
  • Solid wood flooring 15 – 22 mm
  • Multi-ply wooden flooring

Suitable for use on

  • Cementitious screeds, calcium sulphate screeds or concrete
  • New, firmly screw-fixed chipboard P4 – P7 or OSB 2 – OSB 4 panels
  • Precast screeds, gypsum firer boards
  • Levelling compounds suitable for wood flooring
  • UZIN® insulating and installation underlays suitable for wood flooring
  • Hot water underfloor heating


  • High suction adhesion
  • Good ridge formation
  • Long working time
  • Hard elastic adhesive according to ISO 17 178
  • UZIN® MK 200 T, especially for application with UZIN® ATD 100
  • Adhesive residues on wood flooring can be removed
  • For interior use


Solvent & Water-free Flexible 1-Component Adhesive

Pallmann® P5 is a solvent and water-free, flexible 1-component moisture cured STP (Silane Terminated Prepolymer) hybrid adhesive that combines the powerful flexibility of a PU (polyurethane) adhesive with the advantages of modern MS (modified silane) technology. With an extremely hard yet flexible ridge, this unique product develops high bond strength yet dissipates shear forces and reduces their damaging effect to the substrate.

Recommended for

  • Prefinished and unfinished engineered wood flooring with no width or length restrictions
  • Solid flooring applications up to 8″ in width
  • Exotic species


2-Component PUR Wood Flooring Adhesive

This is a Hard, shear-resistant and quick-setting universal wood flooring adhesive for all types of wood flooring.

  • Universal use as a problem solver in the wood flooring adhesive area
  • Wood flooring can be sanded already after 6 hours

Main area of application

  • Mosaic wood flooring (8 mm solid wood flooring)
  • Edge-laid strips
  • Wood block flooring
  • Solid wooden flooring
  • 10 mm solid wood flooring
  • End grain RE / WE

Extended area of application

  • Multi-ply wood flooring
  • Multi-ply wooden flooring
  • Laminate

Suitable for use on

  • Cementitious screeds, calcium sulphate screeds or concrete
  • New, firmly screw-fixed chipboard P4 – P7 or OSB 2 – OSB 4 panels
  • Existing ceramic and natural stone coverings, Terrazzo or similar
  • New, mastic asphalts (screeds)
  • Precast screeds, gypsum fiber boards
  • Levelling compounds suitable for wood flooring
  • UZIN® insulating and installation underlays suitable for wood flooring
  • Hot water underfloor heating


  • Universal use
  • Excellent ridge formation
  • Rapid setting
  • Hard adhesive according to ISO 17 178
  • Without any emollient ingredients
  • Compatible with all wood flooring lacquers, oil / waxes
  • For interior use


UZIN® NC 174

Wood Flooring Levelling Compound

This is a self-leveling, high-strength cementitious levelling compound for wood flooring and engineered wood floors with thicknesses of 1.5 – 20 mm.

  • Low-tension and absorbent, safe and compatible with wood flooring

Suitable for/on/as

  • Manufacturing absorbent, high-strength installation areas for wood flooring and engineered wood floors
  • Insulating underlays UZIN® Multimoll Vlies, Multimoll Top 4, 7, and 12, plus Multimoll Softsonic 3 mm
  • Cement and calcium sulphate screeds, concrete, and similar
  • Mastic asphalt screeds (max. 4 mm thickness)
  • Substrates with added requirements for evenness according to DIN 18202, table 3, line 4, before wood flooring work
  • A substrate for all UZIN® wood flooring adhesives, especially UZIN® dispersion based wood flooring adhesives
  • Hot-water underfloor heating


  • Excellent flow characteristics with the Level Plus Effect
  • For thicknesses of 1.5 – 20 mm
  • Fine surface
  • Good absorbency
  • Very low-tension
  • High tensile strength and shear resistance
  • For interior use



Superb Sound Underlayment

FlexiKork ® is a flat, resilient underlayment that is used directly under a variety of floor finishes, yielding exceptional results especially under hard surface flooring and over concrete and wood joist construction.


  • Made from 100% resilient recycled rubber and cork
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Truly universal underlayment
  • Can thin-set tile and stone directly to the product
  • Shock & stress relieving
  • Superb sound control
  • Suitable for application in variety of housing
  • Inhibits sound transfer through floor-ceiling assembly
  • Increases IIC and STC ratings
  • Suitable for all floor heating systems
  • Low construction height
  • Available in two thicknesses 3mm (1/8”) & 6mm (1/4”)
  • Available in rolls for simple and fast installation
  • Suitable for use with most polyurethane adhesives



Special Universal Cleaning Concentrate

Osmo® Wash and Care is a special cleaning concentrate for wooden and cork floors treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil. Also suitable for varnished, stone, plastic, PVC and other water resistant surfaces. It is highly effective and water soluble for quick, easy and thorough floor maintenance – even for large and high traffic areas. Keeps wooden floors hydrated, due to natural oil content within the product.


  • Highly effective cleaning of dirt and grime
  • Maintains protected wood surfaces
  • Easy to use – designed for regular usage
  • Moisturizes the wood’s surface to prevent drying out
  • Ideal for both commercial and domestic use
  • Suitable for all wooden, varnished, urethane, lacquered, stone, vinyl and tiled floors


Clean surfaces with a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt, dust and debris before cleaning with Osmo Wash and Care.



If floors become worn or require re-cleaning, simply use Osmo Wash and Care following the Preparation and Application instructions.


For extremely persistent stains or renovating a badly worn area, it is recommended to use Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner.


Formulated for Magic Oil 2K Floors

Pallmann® Magic Oil 2K Care is a water-based oil/wax emulsion formulated to refresh and protect wood floor surfaces finished with Pallmann Magic Oil Care.  Application frequency will be dependent on the floor’s location and level of use.  Magic Oil Care is not intended as a daily care product but only for occasional use to maintain the floor’s desired appearance.  If the floor begins to show wear or lose its even matte appearance, Magic Oil Care can be applied to restore a fresh, even look.


A pH Neutral, Non-toxic Cleaner for Unwaxed Wood Floor Finishes

Residue Free

Features and Benefits

  • Fully compatible for use on Pallmann Magic Oil 2 K finish
  • Exclusive neutral pH waterbased streak-free formula
  • Great for cleaning waterborne, solvent polyurethane and Swedish finishes
  • Leaves absolutely no residue
  • No caustic or abrasive ingredients
  • Fresh lemon scent
  • Makes 8 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner
  • For commercial and large scale area use


Before scheduling a hardwood flooring delivery, it is important to confirm the following requirements (applies to new construction and all remodeling projects):

  • The HVAC must be on and running for a minimum of 30 days prior to wood floor delivery.
  • All wet setting work that includes dry wall installation, taping, priming, painting, etc. must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to wood floor delivery.
  • RH Factor (Relative Humidity) in the house must be between 35% and 50%.
  • Plywood Subfloor MC (Moisture Content) must be between 8% and 10%.
  • Plywood Subfloor must be clean and free of construction debris, dirt and residue.
  • You must have a designated and isolated area in the house for wood floor storage during acclimation. Areas without climate control (e.g. garage, attic, shed) are not suitable for hardwood floor storage.

If you are installing Pre-finished Dutch-Haus® Wide Plank Flooring (and to avoid costly repairs or replacement in case of damage) we highly recommend that the following work is also completed:

  • All wet setting work that includes tile, stone, etc. must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to wood floor delivery.
  • All spray painting is completed.
  • Baseboards are painted and installed except for base-shoe (quarter-round) which should be installed after the pre-finished hardwood floor (if applicable).
  • Trim work is completed, primed and painted.
  • All walls are primed and painted.
  • Kitchen cabinets are installed and all built-in cabinet work is completed.

Pre-finished hardwood flooring should be installed last, before the homeowner is ready to move in, at the same time as carpet or other soft surfaces.

Hardwood floor should acclimate for 7 to 10 days prior installation. Hardwood floor must acclimate to the stable house living conditions and NOT to the unstable construction conditions.  Installation of hardwood flooring at the right time is crucial for success and the end-users’ total satisfaction.