When we first introduced our Dutch-Haus® MRP®, we were often asked about the meaning of the acronym. MRP® stands for Moisture-Resistant-Platform. It’s the specially designed base for our Dutch-Haus® Wide Plank Flooring. As the name implies, our Vintage French Oak® flooring is built on a platform that resists damage caused by too much moisture. Unlike other engineered hardwood floors, our MRP® is the closest you can get to waterproof hardwood flooring without settling for materials that only imitate the look of wood.

Allowing adequate drying time, our flooring may return to its original installed state after appliance leaks, plumbing disasters and even salt water flooding from aquariums. We have satisfied clients who experienced all of these situations, the MRP® flooring exceeding expectations each time. Our Unfinished Dutch-House® MRP® Flooring will beautifully receive all types of finishing products. However, in all of the water damage cases mentioned above, the floor had been finished with Hardwax Oil (highly recommended), so the surface did not need to be renewed afterwards. Some finishes may require sanding and reapplication.

As long as it’s properly installed, your MRP® floor is guaranteed to withstand minor water exposure. We do not recommend it for rooms with regularly used steam showers, as there is generally not enough time for the floor to properly dry. There are also instances when the floor will indeed have to be removed and replaced, like in cases of sewage contamination or major home flooding. Barring those extreme examples, we’re confident our Dutch-Haus® wide plank Vintage French Oak® MRP® hardwood flooring will continue to perform exceptionally well in both residential and commercial applications.

When you live in an environment with a lot of temperature and humidity fluctuations (think Chicago, Illinois, USA), hardwood takes a beating with the repetitive contraction and expansion that occurs naturally during those changes. Solid hardwood flooring material tends to be very sensitive to the slightest variations in relative humidity, especially when it’s produced in larger dimensions, like the highly demanded wider widths and longer planks. Our solution to allow for the larger sizes while maintaining structural integrity is the MRP® water-resistant Vintage French Oak® flooring material, which we import from Europe. It’s built on a 16-layer, Marine Grade Baltic Birch plywood base with a generous 6mm (1/4”) top hardwood layer, the same as in solid hardwood floors. For less demanding projects, a 4mm option is also available.

Featuring tight cathedral and straight graining, filled knots and splits, and countless natural variations between boards, the top layer is genuine, rustic-grade Vintage French Oak® (Quercus robur or Quercus petraea French White Oak species), sustainably harvested when trees have reached their full maturity towards the end of their natural life span. Strict guidelines are followed that involve measuring the trees and allowing for proper aging, so they are usually between 150 to 200 years old when cut, then naturally air dried for several years, and finally kiln dried to ensure reliable performance. Each of our floorboards is shipped worldwide with 6-7% moisture content, making the floor very suitable for a range of low to high humidity climates.

The MRP® construction allows our Dutch-Haus® Wide Plank Flooring to be installed equally well in high rises or basements below grade. Its special design also allows for proper functioning of radiant heat systems (electric or hydronic). Because wood is an insulating material, it can trap and hold heat. Unlike solid hardwood, which can impede the efficiency of radiant products, our MRP® structure is more compatible with radiant heat due to its correct Rc Values (conductivity resistance) for proper heat emission. Your radiant heat will spread evenly and quickly near the surface of the floor and the top hardwood layer will help to maintain the temperature. For best performance with all applications, Dutch-Haus® MRP® Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring does need to be glued down with an approved adhesive, and nailed in when going over a plywood subfloor.

Whether you’re a professional flooring expert or a very capable DIY enthusiast, Dutch-Haus® Wide Plank MRP® Vintage French Oak® Hardwood Flooring offers an ideal design option. You don’t have to sacrifice your love of natural hardwood when planning an affordable, reliable installation of gorgeous wide plank flooring. Our standard MRP® product allows for wide planks starting at 7” and only long lengths from 6’ to 8’ that are completely stable, unlike solid hardwood in the same dimensions. While benefiting from the durability and performance of an engineered Moisture-Resistant-Platform, you still get to have the beauty and unique character of a solid Vintage French Oak® top wear layer, with no plank ever looking like any other.

Contact one of our fine retailers to learn more, or email us to learn about out-of-area discounts: info@dutchhaus.us.